About Us

Society for Public Affairs came into existence in the year 1999 and has been registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958.
To conduct and promote socio scientific analyses and research in the field of education, culture, health, development and democracy.
To organize conference, exhibitions, training programmers, lectures, seminar and workshops etc. on various problems for attainment of above objectives.
To print and publish Monographs, research papers, journals working paper books, annual surveys, newsletter research work etc, that may be considerd desirable for the promotion of the objectives of the society.
To promote and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical co-opertation between similar institutions within and outside industry.
To secure and accept loans endowrnments, grants in aid and donation from various fund giving agencies on mutually agreed conditions for promotion of the various objectives of the society.
To prepare trained and well qualified professional in the fields of academic research in socio scientific study other related areas in the context of Rajasthan by itself as well as in comparison with others states of india.
To permote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical co-operation between similar institutions within and outside country.
To promote formal and non formal education by establishing and running education institutions in urban and rural areas.
To secure and accept loans, endowements, grants-in-aid, donations or gifts from various fund agencies on mutually agreed terms and conditions for promotions of the objectives of the society.
To invest and deal with funds & money of the society.
To acquire, purchase of otherwise own or take on lease or hire in the jaipur or outside temporarily or parmanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the society.
To do all acts, matters and things and ensure such expenditure as are incidental conductive to the fulfillment of the above aims and objectives or any one or more of them.
Improvement and up gradation of socio-economic, ethical,vocational and entrepreneurial and development standards of rusal masses.
Poverty elevation, improvement in living standards, enhancement of mutual co-operation, unity and implementation of various khadi and Rural based industrial schemes of goverment and non-goverment, Industrial and non industrial programmes for and overall development of rural communities and urban areas.
Vocational Training, upgradation of skills, employment generation and awareness for the welfare, rehabilitation and upgradation of handicapped people, backward classes.


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